with Mckenzie leigh Comfort

Growing Beyond The Comfort Zone 

Empowering Founders To Find Their Balance and Pursue Business Growth

I want you to focus on depth over range.
To pursue value over volume.
To measure intention over dimension. 

You can grow your business and only spend your energy on what matters to you. 

This is how you thrive. 

This is how you create a sustainable lifestyle that is molded to what you value, not what you “do.” 

As a career-driven wife and mother, I reject hustle culture but refuse to compromise on my ambitions


Enter Nelson, my husband, and our joint venture, Alpha Marketing Strategies - a multi-state marketing and sales agency.


I launched my own successful marketing firm at 21, Catalyst Acquisitions working directly with DirectTV.


I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia to pursue a degree in Strategic Communications as well as Lindenwood University for a degree in Advertising.


I founded, grew, and sold my first business, a clothing line, at just 18-years-old. It generated over 6-figures in revenue and landed me an MTV partnership.


Through the years

Mckenzie Comfort

You Want To Do It Right and Get Results. I See You.

You’re An Ambitious and Passionate leader.

While it’s obvious that hustle culture is out, the headlines are forgetting that hustlers are often the ones who get the job done. 

So what happens now? How do we bridge the gap between concept and reality? 

Here’s my unpopular opinion: 

There is another way.

There is room for driven and goal-focused leaders to unapologetically pursue what they want without succumbing to the pervasive toxicity of the “hustle and grind.”

It’s the only way to truly thrive, not just survive. 

After more than 10 years in an industry with a reputation for being cutthroat and volatile, I’ve seen that toxicity causes so much damage - to leaders, clients, team members, and partners.

I’m the first to tell you that there’s no shame in working hard for something you want or love. It wouldn’t be a priority if you didn’t put in the work.

A relentless work ethic is effective (ask me how I know), but growth always has a cost. 

The beauty of being an entrepreneur and business owner is that you get to decide what that cost is. You get to decide how big your vision is, how you want to accomplish it, and how long you want to pursue it.

Action isn’t the answer. 

Strategic, intentional action is. 

But knowing the difference only comes with experience, failure, insight, and execution. 

That’s where I come in. 

Inspiring Balance Between Output and Outcomes

- entry level marketer, reno, nv

"I am utterly grateful to be part of this fast paced growing company.  It has allowed me to re-connect with myself and recover my best qualities as a person. It gave me an opportunity to express my endless abilities and talent and reminds me  that I am more in control of my life and its outcome".

- office manager at
alpha headquarters

"Alpha invests in their people wholeheartedly to create fully well rounded professionals - not just employees. The culture of support and growth is so unique that entering the office fresh out of another career can feel like whiplash as you acclimate to a system that actually has your best interests in mind".

- executive leader, sacramento, ca

"Nelson and McKenzie strive to put together an environment that encourages growth and learning without it feeling like being in school again or keeping you chained to a desk.  They truly care about those they employ and want success for each of us without question".


As CEO of Alpha Marketing Strategies, my primary focus is to show up for my team. To lead by example and provide a positive culture for our company. 

To be the support system for my people, I need to get the job done and serve our clients well. To provide an opportunity for them to perfect their skills and pursue their own goals.

As a leadership development consultant, my goal is to be a true and practical help to our clients. To be a valuable resource and a reliable provider. To inspire them to do big things and take intentional action. 

As a public speaker in the sales, marketing, and growth space, I want to empower other entrepreneurs to enjoy the process and embrace the journey. 

To never compromise on getting to the finish line or sacrifice their vision. Both are possible. Both are necessary. 

Let’s inspire one another onward and upward. 


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