Collaborative Growth Empowerment For
Vision-Oriented Founders

Depth Without Hustle. Growth Without Grind. Impact Without Compromise.

These characteristics define business owners and entrepreneurs who follow their gut instincts. Those who are eager to leverage innovative revenue opportunities and never look back. 

Those who fearlessly pursue their goals but know how to balance their approach. Those who put people before profit and compassion before action. 

These are the principles that define Mckenzie Comfort.

→ Someone who will challenge the status quo. 
→ Someone who can do the unexpected. 
→ Someone who can make the world A better place in the process. 

Having a vision for a one, five, or even ten-year plan is only step one. It’s essential, but it’s incomplete. 

Business growth requires intentional action, marketing insight, effective sales strategies, and a supportive team. 

It requires an unapologetic mindset and a depth of experience in order to truly make a significant impact. 

For businesses on the come-up, that experience hasn’t been earned yet. They must leverage the experience of someone who has already paved the way. 

Someone who has been there and done that and knows how to do it better. 

A people-focused industry leader who can shine a light on the needle-moving action they need to take to see their vision through. 

Transforming Big-Picture Visions Into A Reality

In a society full of entrepreneurs determined to run before they can walk, Mckenzie Comfort is the leader who can show them how to harness eager chaos into strategic action. 

McKenzie has been poised to reshape and enrich the business growth industry since she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship at age 10 when she helped her mom open up a resale clothing store. Her next move was to, at 17, launch, grow, and ultimately sell her 6-figure clothing line with ties to MTV.

McKenzie went on to found her own firm at 21 and later partnered with another industry champion to create Alpha Marketing Strategies.

Today, McKenzie brings nearly a decade in the industry to everything she touches. Her exclusive and irreplaceable experience offers a wealth of knowledge and insight unmatched in her field.

Having added wife and mother to her ever-growing list of hats, McKenzie is more invested in leading a new brand growth movement than ever before. 

She has pivoted her expertise and narrowed her focus toward small businesses and entrepreneurs on the rise. These are the individuals who will shape the future of the marketplace, and she is passionate about developing fresh new ways to help them ignite their next level of growth. 

McKenzie is the catalyst to amplify their impact and claim their seat at the table. It’s time to pull up a chair.

Highly-Valued Marketing
Industry CEO
Strategic Visionary and Business Growth Catalyst
Career-Driven Partner & Mother

Mckenzie Comfort

Looking for connection-driven sales and marketing assistance? Explosive growth is on the other side of collaboration. Let’s grow your vision to the next level at Alpha!

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"Alpha Marketing has a fantastic leadership team. McKenzie and Nelson are creating a company that not only values customer satisfaction, but also a place where employees feel appreciated and valued. Professional development and upward mobility are a main focus, allowing even the most entry level employees obtain new skills and move forward within their careers".

- hr representative, sacramento, ca



Mix yourself a cocktail and tune in to the Only Plans Podcast hosted by McKenzie Comfort, a conversation-styled show that discusses topics with industry leaders surrounding business, entrepreneurship and spirituality. 


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